Dedicated to extending the time in which i spend in my pyjamas, this is a chronicle of how well my sleepwear fairs in the process of being made re-public outerwear... Sleepwalking perhaps:

Monday, October 5, 2009


There is nothing in the world (save for certain sinful things) that I love more in this world than clothes. My eyes twinkle, my heartbeat quickens, I love wearing beautiful things and looking amazing. The clothes maketh the man (or something like that?!?)  But in my case I use clothes as a distraction from my (possible) dry personality or lack of interest. Being naked is being vulnerable. However, seeing as Nudity would not be appropriate I am taking the next best thing: Underwear and Pyjamas.


Naked or semi-naked bodies that break the cultural conventions, especially conventions of gender, are potentially subversive and treated with horror or derision. (Entwistle, 2000)


So by being semi naked and in the state closest to being naked, I hope to explore my levels of discomfort.


  • I must wear only sleepwear or underwear (from head to toe)
  • No day clothes, shoes, scarves etc.
  • I may wear a t-shirt to prevent legal action.
  • I may wear underwear underneath my boxers to prevent ‘penis fall out’
  • I must continue with my daily routine as per usual
  • I must, at least once, wear only underwear.


Bodies which do not conform, bodies which flout the conventions of their culture and go without the appropriate clothes are subversive of the most basic social codes and risk exclusion, scorn or ridicule.(Entwistle, 2000)


And so it begins! Simper ubi sub ubi (always wear underwear)


“Underwear makes me uncomfortable

and besides my parts have to breathe.”

Jean Harlow


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