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Monday, October 12, 2009


So today was business as usual. People are getting used to the idea and i'm getting more comfortable with it. I think that once you've seen the semi naked body enough times you get kinda immune. The random comments ever now and again about covering myself up etc are getting less. I feel freed. havn't worn actual clothes in four days. WEIRD. But i'm getting to the point where i feel that i miss them. not the coverage they provide though, just the little bit of extra that they add to the way i feel and the way i project myself. 

"Mr. Saint Laurent revolutionized modern fashion with his understanding of youth, sophistication and relevance."
Yves Saint Laurent:
So, in honour of my YSL boxer briefs, and Mr Saint-Laurents contribution to fashion, i've decided to look into some issues surrounding self-expression through fashion and clothes.

"At a general level, fashion is a technique of acculturation-a means by which individuals and groups learn to be visually at home with themselves in their culture... fashion relates to particular codes of behaviour and rules of ceremony and place."  
 Craik (1993)
I've felt very unable to express myself fully without seeming invasive or rude. i feel vulgar and out of place. As Craik suggests, fashion is a means of being visually at home with yourself. being outwardly comfortable with the inward feelings. i feel semi-disconnected from my feelings in my underwear. It feels as if i'm saying that i'm purely a sexual being. I have no access to my particular style of dress that tells people, i have taste, i am intelligent, i am not colour blind and most important of all, i do not take myself and my intellect too seriously to not care what i put on my back.
As Craik further suggests:
"Fashion is often thought of aa a kind of mask disguising the "true" nature of the body or the person. It is seen as a superficial gloss. Yet, if we follow Mauss and Bourdieu, we can regard the ways in which we clothe the body as an active process or technical means for constructing and presenting a bodily."  Craik (1993)
And i suppose that achieving synchronicity between the body and the mind is the ultimate goal. feeling angry and following the lead of the animal kingdom by signaling warnings with black and red or suggesting inner and outter peace with neutral accents. And as Craik proposes:
"The 'life' of the body is played out through the technical arrangement of clothes."
Stay tuned....

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